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    Contact us

    Ningbo auqi Automatic Instrument Equipment Co. Ltd.

    Chen Kang (Sales)


    Cel:  13586687068
    Tel:  0574-87634399
    Fax: 0574-87635309
    Add:No. 52, Dongsheng Street, Jiangbei Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China.


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    ●  Ningbo Jintian copper group copper smelting furnace project 600MW coal-fired unit
    ● (China National Technology Import & Export Corporation) Indonesia Adipala 660 thousand MW supercritical coal-fired power station
    ● (Shanghai electric power plant of India super holy Lufthansa)
    ● (Shanghai electric power plant India Hejsa)
    ● (Shanghai electric power plant of India DVC Laguna)300MW coal fired unit
    ●  North coal gangue power plant
    ●  Yiyang Hunan Power Generation Co., Ltd.
    ●  Huaneng Changxin Zhejiang Power Generation Co., Ltd. two
    ●  Huadian Harbin thermoelectric limited liability company
    ● (Shanghai electric power plant in India Yamula)
    ● (China Water Conservancy and electric power supplies) Shanghai Baosteel Power Plant
    ● (Shanghai electric power plant of India Rosa)
    ● (Shanghai electric) Indonesia Princess port power plant
    ●  State power Yuci Thermal Power Co., Ltd.